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I love that I get to choose to work with incredible 1:1 clients. There’s always a lot of talk about clients shopping around for the right coach/mentor.

It’s exactly the same the other way around.

I work 1:1 with a handful of absolutely incredible businesses.

Just a few so I can set aside the time and space in my diary to support you fully.

I’ve been reflecting on what’s been a phenomenal year for me and my clients.

One client has gone from £5-10K months this year, to £18-25K months.

Another has 5-10 high ticket clients lined up to join her program. That’s well over 6 figures at the bottom end and double that at the top end.

Another has 100 high ticket prospects in her pipeline and has raised her prices significantly this year to levels she didn’t dare before we started working together.

Mentoring at this level is a close partnership that’s designed to create exponential growth.

black vert lines

When you find the right mentor to see your gaps and spot the opportunities for growth you could be missing, to brainstorm with you and feel fully supported, there’s no feeling like it.

If you are looking for the focus, accountability and support to reach your next level in business you can apply to work with me in my 90 day sprint by filling in this short form.

Note; this is a significant investment and requires you to be already established and generating good revenues.

This is for someone who wants to build on what they have already created and develop smarter ways to grow and scale.

My approach is based on scaling simply and anti-hustle.

We will build your revenue without more hours worked. It’s about being healthy and wealthy.

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