Observations from my first 50 days in France

Jan 25, 2021

In August 2020 we moved, permanently, to France. We upped sticks completely and sold our family home in the UK for a better life in France.

Why France?
Well, this is where the story started. Four years ago we bought a holiday home in south west France with some inheritance money.
We spent a couple of years renovating it - not with our own hands, I might add,  but definitely all our ideas.
We turned a delapidated farmhouse into an incredible space that perfectly reflected us as a family. 

We spent three amazing summers there enjoying the sunshine, wine, food and little by little we fell in love with France. The culture, the lifestyle, the beauty.
So when last year life threw some challenges our way, we hatched a plan. What if we made a new life for ourselves in France? 
My business is geography independent. I cleverly and very intentionally built a coaching business I could run from anywhere with a half decent internet connection. My husband’s role as a partner in a business was draining the life out of him. Something had to change anyway.
So here we are, the end of September 2020 celebrating our first 50 days actually living here. 

This time there’s no going back to our home in the UK, because, we’ve cashed in and don’t own a property there anymore. 
We’re currently living in our holiday home, having patiently waited for the french banks to give us the green light to buy our forever home, which we had the go ahead for a few weeks ago.
In about 6 weeks from now, we’re moving again which fills me with a ridiculous amount of excitement because we’re buying a baby chateau.
Any regrets? Not one. 
I’ve surprised myself because I honestly thought I’d miss our UK home and have a
stronger sense of sadness to let go, but this hasn’t been the case. I’ve wondered why this is the case and it’s as clear as anything;
This was much more than a house move. It was a whole life move. Change on a grand scale. It signified a new life and a ticket to freedom for us, especially my husband. Staying still, being stuck in indecision wasn’t a very attractive option.
As a coach I know how important it is to design the life you want.
My greatest fear is looking back and feeling disappointed that I didn’t do the things in life that I wanted, because I was too afraid. You only regret the things in life you don’t do. To have not taken this chance would have been the biggest regret ever.
Key reflections 50 days on;
〰️Change is uncomfortable but worth it. Without change there is no progress.
〰️Children are much more adaptable than we think and can teach us a thing or two.
〰️Nothing is a barrier if you want it badly enough.
〰️The warm weather is good for the soul.
〰️The broadband in rural France is way better than you might imagine.
〰️There are opportunities everywhere you look.
〰️You have to be brave and you are capable of way more than you realise.
〰️It’s impossible to see the grapes on the vines when driving past without going dizzy.
I don’t think I’ve ever felt more excited for the future than now when I think of what’s coming next.
And this is where it gets interesting again...
I set some clear life:work boundaries with this move. 
Lockdown sucked me into a difficult spiral of juggling work with homeschooling with the stress of planning an international move. It was a tough few months and I worked long days.
Since moving to France, for the most part, I’ve only worked in the mornings yet the last 2 months have given me my biggest sales months in business I’ve ever had.
I’ve worked less, from an idyllic place yet have earned more than ever.
The lesson: you design the life you want and you make it happen. Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. 
What you’re not changing you’re choosing. 

I really hope this helps you to make the changes in your life you want or need and if you think I can help you, get in touch and I’ll come straight back to you.
Love Karen x