Jul 01, 2021



Like many others in my amazing community, we are in lockdown again here in France and the sudden change in gear has prompted all sorts of thoughts in my mind.


You can probably guess the kind of things I’m thinking about – what practical things do we need as a family for the coming weeks, how do we make sure we stay positive and well, what’s the meaning of life…


Well, okay, maybe not so much the meaning of life. But one question I have found myself thinking quite deeply about is probably just as important to me as a coach, and it’s this: why do some clients not get results from the work they do with a coach?


Genuinely, this matters so much to me. I know that coaching works; good coaching can deliver great benefits, and great coaching can bring about nothing short of personal and business transformation.


And if you start putting together different pieces of the jigsaw, your potential for progress skyrockets both in scale and speed – for example, by considering life and business issues and needs in harmony, or artfully blending the guided discovery of coaching with the strategic experience of mentoring.


So with all this potential for personal and professional breakthroughs, why do some clients not get the results they want?


It’s not a common occurrence, but one is too many and it’s really important to understand the real and honest reasons for it happening, so that we can address and then avoid them.


And when I say “we”, I mean just that. You and me.Coach and client.


Because your results matter to your coach, to me, as much as they matter to you. Intellectually you could say it’s a shared risk: your results and my reputation. Emotionally it’s very simply this: we both want you to succeed.


So, is it simply the case that those people who don’t get results have chosen the ‘wrong’ coach – inexperienced, not very qualified, or simply not feeling a connection? Maybe. Of course, choosing your coach is a crucial decision to be done with great thought and care.


But here’s a simple and profound truth for you. You don’t just need the best coach you can find. To get the outstanding results that are there for the taking, you also need to be the best coachee you possibly can be.


This is absolutely in your own interests. Because being open to coaching – and the benefits it can deliver for you – is the key that unlocks the value you want to create in your life…whatever that value looks like for you.


Let me be clear about what this means in practice, so you can make sure you get the best return on your coaching investment in yourself.


While asking sensible questions of a potential coach, to make sure they are the right coach for you, there are a few questions a wise woman will ask herself at the same time:

1. Do I have an open mind (or am I secretly only going through the motions)?

2. Am I ready and willing to do the work (or do I secretly think that turning up to a coaching session is enough to tick the box)?

3. Am I really open to change (or do I secretly want to stay in my comfort zone)?


Ladies, if you ticked ‘mostly Bs’, please save your time and money. Coaching isn’t just a box you tick – it’s a key to making massive shifts in your life and business. Like any change, those shifts can be at times uncomfortable to process and navigate. You’ll be guided and supported by your coach but you have to be ready to take that journey, to achieve the results that lie ahead of you.


This is why no decent coach will ever make cast-iron guarantees for you, by the way. (If someone offers you such a guarantee, run! They’re either fooling themselves or trying to fool you.)


All this is why I like to work with a certain kind of client – a smart woman, someone who will trust the process, someone who will do the work and take the action. Someone who will dance with her fears instead of being held back by them. Someone who makes her bed each morning, no matter what.


Are you that kind of smart woman? Are you ready for more, even if you’re not yet sure what ‘more’ is or how to get it? If you’re ready to take action to build the thriving and profitable business you want and need, you’re exactly the sort of person who gets huge value from coaching – whether that’s one-to-one or perhaps in a group such as a mastermind.


And if you’d like to know more about how this could work and the benefits you could achieve, just hit reply to this and let me know…or check out more in the Smart Woman’s Business Hub group on Facebook.


Because if you are ready to take action, and you’re open to the transformation coaching can help you unlock, please     know this – your time is now.