I’ve never booked a one way ticket before.

Jul 01, 2021

I’ve never booked a one way ticket before.

So when I clicked ‘one way’ on the booking form it really hit me.

It’s the little things that have stopped me in my tracks and given me a lump in my throat.

Like booking this one way trip.

Putting the bins out for the last time.

Knowing it’ll be the last time you see a particular view.

This week my family and I moved to another country. We moved from the UK to South West France. We sold our house and upped sticks.

I can’t believe I’m writing this and that we have actually gone ahead and done it.

I have a tear in my eye as I’m writing this, realising everything that’s gone before with our lovely home and the place my children have spent their first years, coupled with the mind blowing scale of what’s ahead for all of us and the opportunities this will bring.

I’m beyond excited for how this will enhance my business. The day to day won’t change as I’m lucky to have a business I can run from anywhere.

But there will be even more ways to coach with me through Karen Kissane Coaching retreats and events in south west France. My mind is literally buzzing with excitement for this!

It feels huge. In a good way.

We’re waking up today to a brand new chapter in this incredible book we’re all writing, called LIFE.

Appreciating the ability to trust in yourself and make a change, even if it’s big and scary and even if you don’t quite have all of the answers...yet.

It can all be worked out.

Life is for living. Don’t you agree?

Change isn’t always easy, but it brings rewards, often on a grand scale.

I want you to know that if you dream of making a change.

If you have a rock solid vision but don’t know how to make it happen.

If you want something different. If you want more, you too can make that change.

You’re the author of your own book so it’s up to you to make it a best seller. You get what you’re brave enough to go after in life 💗

And if you need some help in taking those brave steps forward, whatever they look like for you, come and talk to me. I can help you.

I’m a life coach as well as a business coach for a reason. In my world these are bonded together tightly.