Because nothing in life is guaranteed

Jul 01, 2021

Because nothing in life is guaranteed – right?


If you want more remarkable success in your life and business, this message is for you – I guarantee it!


However, it’s the only guarantee I’m ever going to give you.


Does that sound odd? After all, we live in a world where gurus and experts are lining up to offer you some cast-iron guarantee or another.


You know the sort of thing. Spend a matter of minutes on the social media platform of your choice, and count them as you scroll by…


“Just sign up to this blueprint, and earn a guaranteed sixfigures within the year!”


“The only framework you’ll ever need to make a guaranteed seven-figure business!”


How to manifest your way to guaranteed 3x results!”


Honestly, these drive me nuts.


Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for helping people paint a detailed and specific picture of the results they need. After all, a vague aspiration to make more money / get more followers / do more stuff is hardly a plan.


And, more importantly, I’m not shying away from giving guarantees because I don’t wholly trust my systems or my expertise. In fact, I happily stand by my results all day long. I have more happy client testimonials than I know what to do with.


But…all these big guarantees and bold claims? They smack of toxic positivity to me, I’m afraid.


I’d even go so far as to say these are cruel marketing tricks, because if you don’t achieve the ‘guaranteed’ results, it must somehow be your fault. They were guaranteed, after all. Perhaps you just didn’t want it badly enough? Perhaps you did it wrong? How else can a copper-bottomed guarantee fail?


Ladies, here’s the only guarantee you’ll ever need if you want to achieve remarkable success.


You have to do the work.


Obviously, make it the right work. I mean, there’s really no point investing your precious and finite resources – time, energy, money, family and so on – on stuff that just keeps you pedalling without really moving forward.


But you do have to do the work.


Take the uncomfortable action.


That’s the key to getting results. Everything else is simply a tool to help you get there smarter and sooner.


How could I possibly guarantee that you will do the work? I can’t.


And this is why I actually think anyone who tries to guarantee something they cannot even see, let alone control, is simply tapping into your weaknesses.


That might be a secret part of your brain that’s really quite lazy and likes the idea of an easy short cut. (It’s okay…we all have one of those.)


It might be your self-doubt, which worries deep down if you can even do this without the crutch of a guaranteed success formula.


It might be your overwhelm; the paralysis caused by not knowing quite where to start.


Little wonder, really, that so many people are so easily suckered into those big and juicy guarantees. They’re seemingly risk-free – but really they are far from certain.


It’s the same mentality as a crash diet that promises to get you into your swimsuit for your holiday next month… it might actually work, but it almost certainly won’t be healthy and it certainly isn’t sustainable.


What, then, is the answer – if the answer does not lie in a cast-iron guarantee?


Well, there’s definitely no reason for you to stay stuck – whatever fear or practical blockage is putting the handbrake on your progress and results.


I think there are broadly three steps – empowerment for yourself, clarity for your business, and transformation for your life. In that order.


But it is in YOUR hands. It’s not provided by someone else’s guarantee.


So, please, never come to me for a magic formula. Don’t ask me to guarantee your success. I will never try to sell you a promise I cannot honestly substantiate.


And I will not simply play to your fears. I want to play to your strengths.


To do that, I can guide you. I can challenge you. I can help you tap into your own resources – which almost certainly are greater than you imagine.


I can help you align your values, beliefs and integrity to create a truly authentic business.


And in some instances, I can simply show you what to do; a more direct route to an outcome, perhaps, or a technical solution that gets you unstuck on a practical issue. (That, of course, is why someone who can blend both coaching and mentoring is a serious contender for being your business best friend.)


But you are in charge. You have all the power and all the opportunity, to achieve more, achieve it faster, achieve it with ease and flow.


That’s the real deal.


And just as good health comes not from that crash diet but from solid foundations, like sleep, water and nutrition, so too will your business success come from the solid and effective foundations you put in place.


Without those basics, a 0-100k sprint in your business is just a big old crash diet.


And it doesn’t matter what guarantees someone says they can give you.


You have to do the work. You have to take the action. But, you know, the results of that action can be truly remarkable  .


As always, the most important thing is that you do something. Whatever it is you need to help you, make sure you’re moving forward…


Because ahead of you are the results you deserve and desire.


If you’d like to find out more about the different ways coaching and mentoring could help you do that, please feel very welcome to hit reply and let me know. No guarantees, obviously (but no pressure either)!