Discover how the world's most successful coaches are leveraging their personal brand to get noticed and build revenue

August 10th | 10am - 5pm with | Central London Drinks Reception 5pm - 6pm

Join the Waitlist for this Exclusive London Event with Industry Leaders Karen Kissane and Michael Serwa, who in One Day will show you The Secret to Being a Sought After Coach and The Single Most Effective Way to Build a Powerful Online Presence.

In JUST ONE DAY, we'll show you how to build a personal brand that has people's heads turning. This event is your golden ticket.

Hosted by two of the most successful and straight talking coaches in the industry, we will show you how to harness the power of your personal brand to achieve extraordinary success.

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Your Personal Brand Matters More Than You Think

As a coach, you know the struggle: trying to get noticed in a sea of other coaches, all vying for attention. Without a strong personal brand, you’re just another voice in the crowd. Clients won’t know why they should choose you. Your expertise gets overlooked. And worst of all? You miss out on the income you deserve.

But here’s what we want you to know: a powerful personal brand changes everything. It makes you memorable. It tells your story in a way that resonates with your ideal clients. It positions you as the go-to expert in your field. And when done right, it turns your coaching business into a revenue-generating machine.

The Stakes Are High

If you don’t stand out, you fade into the background. Your potential clients scroll past you. Your message gets lost. Your income stagnates. In a world where everyone is shouting, your voice needs to be the one that’s heard. This event will give you the tools and strategies to ensure you’re not just part of the conversation – you’re leading it.

Many coaches fall into the trap of thinking that expertise alone will get them noticed.

They pour their energy into certifications, perfecting their coaching techniques, and creating top-notch content. While these are all important, they aren’t enough on their own.

Without a strong personal brand, your skills and knowledge can easily be overlooked. Your audience needs to see you as not just another coach, but as the coach who understands them and can deliver results. If you’ve been focusing solely on improving your services without investing in your brand, you’re missing out on the most crucial aspect of your business.

You might be thinking, “I’ve invested in advertising, built a sleek website, and created valuable content – why isn’t it working?” The truth is, without a compelling personal brand, these efforts can fall flat.

Here’s why:

Advertising Without a Brand: Ads can bring traffic, but without a strong brand, visitors won’t remember you or feel compelled to return.

A Sleek Website: A beautiful website is great, but if it doesn’t convey your unique brand, it’s just another site among millions.

Valuable Content: Content is king, but it needs a strong personal brand to give it the context and credibility that makes it truly effective.


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Introducing Michael Serwa, the UK's most expensive life coach.

Michael doesn't just improve his clients' lives; he transforms them. Often radically.

Using his signature no-bullshit approach, Michael has built the most successful personal coaching practice in the UK (with a consistent mid-six-figure turnover exclusively from one-to-ones), working with many truly remarkable people.

He's also mentored many UK-based coaches, as well as some in the US, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, and Bahrain.

His mentorship programmes, by combining his framework, tools and philosophies with utilising your own experience and innate skills, are designed to support your transition into a thriving coaching career or elevate an existing one.

Two of his former mentees built six-figure businesses in their first year. One doubled the size of their six-figure business; one quadrupled it.

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And introducing Karen Kissane, award-winning business coach & mentor, founder of, author of the Amazon Best Seller The Remarkable Coach

Karen Kissane is an award-winning business coach and mentor for ambitious coaches, consultants, and course creators who want to grow and scale an impactful, profitable, and fulfilling business.

With her signature anti-hustle, ‘less is more’ and biohacking approaches, Karen has helped 1000+ coaches worldwide launch and grow businesses generating multi-six figures and beyond.

Featured by the BBC and Forbes, Karen is the author of The Remarkable Coach and founder of a tech platform that gives coaches the tools to build a smarter business.

She lives in a chateau in France, where she hosts transformational business retreats.


Join the waitlist

Join the Waitlist for this Exclusive London Event with Industry Leaders Karen Kissane and Michael Serwa, Who Have Both Powerfully Mastered the Art of Personal Branding to Build Remarkable Businesses.

August 10th | 10am - 4pm | Central London