Designed for the life you want,
not the life you have.

The ‘Scale-Simply, Anti-Hustle’ 90 day Mastermind Sprint for Results Focused Entrepreneurs who want more Strategy, Simplicity and Inevitable Success than ever before.

Work with me for 90 days and I’ll show you how to build a business that’s designed for the life you want, not the life you have.

Let it be simple. Complexity kills businesses. Simplicity is the way to scale. 

Leverage starts when you decide it does.

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In Q2, we're helping a small group of clients to turn their expertise into stress free scalable profits, by joining us in a 90-day mastermind, where we'll create an individual 12-month growth plan for your business.

This is great for coaches, consultants and other service based businesses who are aiming for six figures or multi six figures in 2024.

It’s for you if you want a business that's low on stress and high on profits.

If you’re trading your time for money and have hit a ceiling in terms of time, revenue or both, this mastermind will put you on a different trajectory for 2024 and beyond.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients go from chaos to claiming back hours of their time and seeing their profits skyrocket, by helping them to create and implement a simple, scalable business model.

Like client S who hit her revenue targets 6 months early, client J who worked with almost 50 new clients last year inside her 2 hour a week program and client E who has quickly made multiple 6-figures while working fewer hours.

Tell me more:

Throughout Q2 we’ll make building a simple and profitable business a priority. 

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I’ll give you high touch access to the strategies, tactics, tools, training, accountability, and community to design your business according to my 6-Method, so you build a business that gives you the life you want, which probably isn’t the life you have.

Over 90 days, we’ll integrate the following 6 pillars into your growth plan:

Energy | Identity | Clarity | Simplicity | Inevitability | Velocity

Here are some of the things we can work on:

+ Faster audience growth and conversion by redefining your messaging and business positioning  

+ Getting more client enquiries through simple yet high yielding sales pipelines

+ Planning more strategic sales conversion events that move your leads through your sales cycle quickly  

+ A full audit of your offer ladder with recommendations on improvements  

+ The development of internal business processes to take you from scattered to streamlined  

+ The creation and execution of client retention strategies so you are less reliant on lead generation as your only source of growth  

+ Growing a team and being clear on their roles and ROI

+ Leveraging your time so you’re no longer the bottleneck in your own business

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How to know it’s for you:

+ You want to scale to high revenue months with more ease and you know what got you here won’t get you there. You’re a result of your own success and you’re drowning in ideas, things to implement, client work which often doesn’t leave too much time for you. Deep down you know this needs to change.

+ Even though you know it’s possible (you know everything is possible, that’s why you’re here) you can’t yet see how you’ll reach your next level in your business. That’s why having someone right by your side is appealing.

+ It’s time for an upgrade. Expansion and growth are calling you. You’re done playing small. It’s time to step right up and claim your seat at the table. Your eyes have been opened to what’s possible and the goal posts have moved.

+ You crave an easier way with less complexity and fewer distractions. What you’ve done so far has worked to a point, but now you want something different. You’re seeking more personal connection and a deeper sense of fulfilment.

+ You appreciate the connection that comes from working alongside other trailblazers. You’d value being able to bounce around ideas and challenges with other people who get it and get you. Finding your tribe is part of your success plan.

+ Your business is now about much more than just you. It’s bigger than you. It’s about creating a sustainable legacy and future wealth. It’s your next level. You want it to be less dependent on you.

+ You’re saying yes to too much and it’s draining you. You’re questioning why your business is this all consuming - and less fun than you imagined.

+ You’re done with spinning plates and trying to get everything done. This next chapter for you is about leverage and stepping into a more structured and organised way of working, that gets you to your goals with more speed and ease.


+ The mastermind will include an in-person half day meeting in London on May 2nd (date now confirmed).

+ You’ll be invited to a 90 minute call every 2 weeks, starting March 27th.

The numbers will be small so I can work with you closely because we will do the work on the call. 

The call recordings will be shared with you.

Call 1: March 27th
Call 2: April 10th
Call 3: April 24th
Call 4: May 8th
Call 5: May 22nd
Call 6: June 5th

All group calls are at 2pm UK / 3pm CET for 90 minutes.

+ This is a hybrid mastermind which means there is 1:1 included so you get a highly personalised experience. You’ll have access to me privately on Slack weekly with an hour each week dedicated to supporting you plus a 45 minute 1:1 each month (3 in total)

+ You’ll have 24/7 access to a group Slack channel for the entire duration and access to all of my assets, programs and resources.

*dates may be subject to change. If this is the case plenty of advance notice will be given.

Your mentor

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Karen Kissane is an award-winning business coach and mentor for successful coaches, consultants and course creators who want to start, grow, and scale an impactful, profitable, and fulfilling business.

With her signature anti-hustle ‘less is more’ and ‘scaling simply’ approach, Karen’s helped 1000+ coaches worldwide launch and grow businesses that generate anywhere from a few thousand per month to multi-six figures and beyond. She has also built a 7-figure empire herself!

Karen's been featured by the BBC, Forbes, and coaching industry publications, and is the author of The Remarkable Coach.

She is also the founder of the tech platform CoachSpace.ai, an all-in-one tech platform for managing and growing your coaching business. 

Karen lives in a Chateau, near Cognac in France, with her family.

If you have questions and would like to speak to Karen about joining Velocity, please email [email protected] and we will schedule in a call for you.

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What people say:

You make all my ideas even better and help me scale quickly. Your superpower is providing actionable clear steps forward in complicated moments. I don't remember the last time I had a £5k or a £10k month because I got to consistent £18k to 25k months so quickly with you at my side.

You have been instrumental to my fast growth and epic achievements and I could not have asked for a better coach, mentor or cheerleader. 

You are incredible at what you do, and limitless in your generosity and support. Let's say it's been life changing, working with you, Karen

Enfys Maloney

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Any coach, consultant or service based business, that’s already established and making money. This is a good fit if you value freedom and want to develop a scalable business model and reach high levels of revenue without working more hours. 

You must be coachable and ready to do the work. This is by application only.

Places are limited.

The investment:

Total combined value is easily in excess of £10K

(when you add together the in person day, 1:1 access to me, the mastermind calls and access to my programs)

The price - £5K + VAT.

3-pay option - £1850 + VAT / month 


For this you get a clear plan with execution help throughout the 90 days, so you should make it back many times over.

If you have questions or would like to speak to Karen,
please email [email protected] and we will schedule in a call for you.

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