What your bed can predict about your business success

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How do you get the real measure of someone?

Back in the day, it was generally accepted that checking out someone’s record collection told you everything you needed to know about them. It went far beyond anything they could tell you about themselves; it gave you a sense of whether or not you could be friends!

In fact, it was like a lie detector test. Even if someone looked perfect on paper, and said all the right things, their true self was revealed in that rack of vinyl or tower of CDs.

Nowadays, very often we have to make judgements about people remotely or from afar.  And that’s why I love a probing question.

Now, it won’t surprise you to learn that when I ask a prospective client if they are a dreamer or a doer, they’re very likely to tell me what they think I want to hear or what they themselves want to believe.

So I prefer to ask them something much more revealing and less easy to hack. For example: do you make your bed each morning?

How they answer me reveals a great deal about themselves. Do they take care of detail? Do they care about themselves? Are they ordered or chaotic in their day? Do they start the day with a win, or put things on their ‘get-around-to-it-later’ list right from the off?

For some, making the bed is the thing you do to start the day with positive action. There’s also a school of thought that says making your bed is the thing you do to complete your sleep. To me it doesn’t matter if you make you make your bed in order to start your day, or to finish your night. One shows you are proactive, and one shows you finish what you start.

But most importantly, both motivations reveal your willingness to do the work. Both show you are someone for whom coaching will add real value – because you will do what it takes to succeed. You will turn their dreams into action, and your desires into reality.

Of course, you may be reading this and thinking: making your bed is no biggie. But it matters to me, it really does, and I’m going to be straight-up honest with you about why.

I want to work with people who are serious about getting results. I want to work with action-takers. I want to work with the people who will shift from wanting to acting, from learning to applying, from planning to doing.

Because these are the people for whom I add value. And, selfishly, people who will actually do the work and get the amazing results I know I can help them achieve are the people who give me job satisfaction and properly reflect my skills and expertise as a coach.

Wouldn’t you want the same?

So, tell me about making YOUR bed in the morning, and I’ll tell you what that says about your business mindset…

If you’re standing on the sidelines looking in and you’re not sure whether I’m the person to help you, a great place to start is here. I’ve created a series of free downloads that will help you get moving and will give you an introduction into me and my work.

When you’re ready to take the next step, I’ll be right here…

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