Award Winning Business Coach and Mentor

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Helping RemarkableTM coaches and entrepreneurs, just like you, to Monetise Your GeniusTM, build generational wealth and create a life you never need to take a holiday from.

It's my mission to...

Give coaches access to the strategies, insights, tech and tools to build a RemarkableTM business.

I’ll help you to turn your skills, knowledge and expertise into a high impact, high revenue business you can be proud of.


I've created a new guide to solve a huge problem that coaches, consultants and course creators have…

Being the bottleneck in their own business and sabotaging their growth because they’re too busy or don’t know how to build an automated system.

The guide: Four simple funnels coaches can build easily, to generate more leads and book more clients + the lowdown on optimising your funnel.

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I am passionate about helping great coaches to build great coaching businesses, because this is not a given.

Not having a consistent monthly revenue to cover their outgoings, or to leave their 9-5, causes massive financial worry for new businesses starting out.

Then once things are moving, the ability to keep growing without putting more and more hours into the business becomes one of the biggest challenges.

Scaling simply, without breaking is my one of my specialities!

So many people struggle to get going and when they do get going, they struggle for time. This results in exhaustion and plateaued growth.

Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, if you don’t do the right things at the right time, it’ll feel like you’re driving down the highway with the handbrake on. Uncomfortable and slow.

I’ll help you work out your winning strategy so you can get the best results in the best way possible.

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Karen Kissane


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Karen Kissane

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Together we’ll get clear on your method. We’ll work on your strategy, craft your powerful message, build out your lead generation systems and we’ll figure out the conversion events so you know exactly which offers to build and sell.

And we’ll achieve this with a uniquely simple approach. Simplicity is the key to unlocking all of this. I’ll help you to see the gaps, connect the dots and find the fastest and simplest way to get to where you want to be.



We’ll get together on Zoom for a fully immersive half day intensive that will equip you with the plan and tools you need to execute on a new initiative or an existing strategy. You’ll leave with a step by step plan that will bring you quick wins as well as longer term results with confidence.

There is no single blueprint for success

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There are unlimited ways to create the results you want depending on who you are and how you like to work, the available time in your calendar, your passions, aspirations and zones of genius. It’s all possible. And when you stand on the shoulders of giants who’ve walked that path before you, you get to go even faster.


The goal isn't the money. The goal is to spend your days as you wish.

True wealth is the relationship between the money you have in the bank and the time you have available in your calendar.

To go from overworked and overwhelmed to client rich and time rich?

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All too often coaches focus on the wrong things.

They get pulled in a million different directions and end up fire fighting rather than creating the business they’d intended.

Being able to eliminate distractions and stop yourself getting drawn into the small stuff is what will drive your business forward.

Because if you’re not careful you’ll build a business that puts a ball and chain around your neck, which ultimately leads to exhaustion and resentment.

Remember, you’re too expensive to fix the photocopier. Work in your zone of genius, roll up your sleeves when you need to and stay true to your mission.

Your ability to focus on the horizon not the cockpit and get out of the weeds is a superpower in business.



The ultimate hangout for Remarkable® coaches, consultants and course creators. The place where you can connect with me in a more intimate way. I share my best strategies and ideas inside Remarkable®. Be warned though, I don’t just let anyone in. It's a special place for special people.


My clients typically fit into one of these 3 groups.

1. STARTING UP : Time rich but client poor.

2. GROWTH PHASE : Clients rich but time poor.

3. SCALING UP : Time rich and client rich. This is the aspiration.

Your business model determines how far you can go. Which stage are you at?

The Breakthrough

The starting up stage is often typified by being time rich and client poor with no solid strategy in place and a feeling of not knowing how.

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stages of business graphic
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The messy middle

The 'Messy Middle' where people experience plateaued growth and stay stagnant or stuck. Characterised by chaos - too much work to do and too little time.

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Scaling Simply

Transitioning to a place where you're both client rich and time rich is the aspiration. Typified by support systems. leverage and a scalable business model.

C’est Moi!

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Hi, I’m Karen, award-winning business coach, your friend, your challenger, your strategic thinker, your biggest supporter and the birds eye view you need for unlimited health and wealth.

Just like you, I’m running a business, and balancing that with a life outside of work. I’m a coffee-loving, château owning mum of 2 kids and design-obsessed, animal loving positive thinker and self confessed eternal optimist (someone once asked me if I ever got tired of being so positive - err, no). And while my life and business look like a dream-scene now, the story of how I got here isn’t any different to yours.

My business was certainly not an overnight success. In fact, the rocky road of entrepreneurship sometimes felt impossible to travel. I knew where I wanted to go, but I couldn’t figure out how to get there.

In 5 years I’ve gone from being a newly qualified coach chasing every next client, to generating life changing amounts of money, with 3 businesses, and a team and clients all over the world.

Today I run my business from our château in South West France - my husband has been able to quit his high pressure job.

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You are amazing. FACT!

Since working with you Karen my business is booming. You make all my ideas even better and help me to scale, quickly. Your superpower is proving actionable, clear steps forward in complicated moments. I don't remember the last time I had a £5k or £10k month because I got to consistent £18-25k months so quickly with you at my side.

You have been instrumental to my fast growth and epic achievements. I could not have asked for a better coach, mentor or cheerleader. You are incredible at what you do and limitless in your generosity and support. With so much gratitude from a very happy client. Let's say; it's been life-changing working with you over the past year and a half Karen.

Enfys Maloney

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Building a profitable coaching business isn't that hard when you know how.

When you think about it, there are no products to buy, no stock or premises needed, very few overheads.

The costs to get going are low....all you really need is a laptop and internet connection.

Easy right? So why is it that so many people find it agonisingly slow to build momentum and make the money they want?

This is why: There are steps to follow that many people miss. They focus on the wrong things and get lost down a rabbit hole of confusion and overwhelm.

This means they spend their time doubting themselves, wondering if they’ll ever ‘make it’ and constantly feel the financial pinch because of this. People get busy with the wrong things.

Of course effort is important… but knowing where to put your effort makes all the difference.

You have to close the gaps in your knowledge and start becuase trial and error can take decades.

As you evolve, notice who says "I'm glad to get to know this version of you too." 


coach-space-logo is a complete business management system that gives coaches everything they need to systemise and grow. It takes care of the back office operations in your business (often the things that coaches dislike) so you can focus your time in the right places.

When you combine a powerful business strategy with easy to implement tactics AND the ability to streamline and automate your processes, your business will be unrecognisable.

This is how you grow and scale fast. This is how I’ve grown and scaled fast. was created from the work I was doing with my own mentor. We had a brainwave one day. An idea to help coaches in a more impactful way by giving them the tech and tools to build an even bigger and better business. The complete solution is the blend of strategy + tactics + systems. You can’t build a proper business without the systems to support you. is the missing link.

It will help you to make money, save money and free up your time.