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Welcome to my corner of the internet, where the fire of ambition meets the strategic roadmap to success.

This is where we turn your ambition into strategic success. Hi there, I’m Karen Kissane - your strategic partner, business mentor and biggest supporter. I'll help you turn your wild ideas into exciting possibilities. My best clients are the ones that bet on themselves, do the work, take responsibility and see the results. If this is you too, then we can create magic. Being an entrepreneur and coach myself, I get what you're going through – the doubts that keep you up at night, the passion that gets you up in the morning, and the thrill of seeing your dreams become real.

My mission is simple:

I'll help you shed self-doubt, discover your hidden potential, and guide you in creating the business and life you've always wanted. I'm not just about words; I believe in action. Together, we'll dive into the world of action, because taking action is what sets those who achieve apart from those who only dream.

Why do so many labels in business exist?

I’m fascinated by duality and the labels we assign to our own thoughts and feelings. It’s these thoughts and feelings that keep us firmly where we are, not moving forward and not creating the ripples of impact in the world we want. Duality exists and we need to stop forcing ourselves to choose one feeling over the other. It is totally ok to feel both at the same time.


Lead, innovate, and master. Action isn't just a choice, it's the heartbeat of your success.

Fuel your fire with the power of action. Ideas alone won't pave the way to success – it's the bold steps you take that carve your journey. Embrace risk, seize opportunities, and let determination be your driving force.

Your business story unfolds with each decisive move you make.

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Expect no sugarcoating from me. I'm not here to tell you what you want to hear; I'm here to tell you what you need to hear.

We'll strategise, innovate, and create with intent. From nailing your niche to crafting magnetic offers, from skyrocketing your online presence to building a community that hangs onto your every word – we'll master it all.

This isn't just about building a business; it's about creating a movement. A movement of empowered coaches and fearless entrepreneurs who are rewriting the rules and owning their futures. So, if you're ready to shed excuses like old skin and embrace the electrifying path of action, you're in the right place.

C’est Moi!

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Hi, I’m Karen, award-winning business coach, your friend and your biggest supporter. I’ve always been ferociously ambitious and forever curious to explore what’s possible.

This Is Me: Eternal Optimist, Honesty Advocate, Your Thought Partner

I'm a scientist who thrives on untangling complexities and finding solutions. Armed with a science degree I adore problem solving. I'm all about making the intricate seem simple and achievable. But at my core, honesty fuels everything I do. When you meet me, you're meeting transparency, no fluff attached.

I'm not your average coach – I'm your trusted partner. I value respect and expect this from others too. We’re not just forging a business connection; we're building a relationship founded on capability, motivation and trust.

I'm here for meaningful connections, for creating bonds that last.

“Karen, thank you for being the most challenging business mentor I’ve ever had, you’re opening up a whole new universe in my business. Since the day we met I’ve been growing my business with ease and most importantly, joy. Thank you for being an insane ‘uplevel’ partner in crime.” Bettina

Enough about me – I want to know your story, your aspirations, and your wildest dreams. Drop me a line, and let's start this exhilarating journey toward success together. Remember, your comfort zone might be cozy, but the magic? Oh, the magic is waiting just beyond it.

Here's to action, ambition, and building the life and business that sets your soul on fire.


When everyone is running left, don’t be afraid to run right.

It’s ok to go in the opposite direction.
You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

Pick something that excites you, that makes business sense and run with it. Make it happen and focus on that one thing, whatever it is, until it’s running smoothly.

In building my coaching business I’ve gone against the grain many times..

I didn’t do a big launch until after I’d already made well over 7 figures.

I’ve never run a challenge…

I’ve grown fast through relationships, collaborations and organic growth, not paid ads. My business runs a lean shop.

What I’ve learnt:

Resist the temptation to look at what others are doing. Decide on what YOU’RE doing and stick to it. Staying in your own lane and focusing on one thing is a game changer in business.

When you do this well, everything changes.