Meet Karen

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Award-Winning International Business Coach, Certified Coach And Mentor, Co-Founder and Owner The Business Growth Platform For Coaches, French Chateau Retreat Venue Owner, And The Most Important Job of all - Mummy and Role Model To Her Two Young Children.

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An award-winning business coach, Karen has an incredible wealth of experience in business, coaching and mentoring, empowering 1000s of coaches, entrepreneurs and clients to Monetise their GeniusTM, simplify their business growth and build a RemarkableTM legacy.

An industry leader, and owner of 3 businesses, Karen is the Co-Founder and Owner of the business growth platform, which gives coaches the tools they need to systemise, automate and scale their coaching business.

Karen runs her international business helping RemarkableTM coaches to start, grow and scale their businesses from her Chateau in France, which is also a high end retreat venue for coaches and business owners. Karen and her family sold up in the UK and moved to France in 2020 when her husband quit his stressful job.

With a degree in molecular biology, Karen has an aptitude for solving problems and finding solutions. She uses these well developed skills to create huge momentum and growth in both her own and her clients’ businesses. Her team is based across 4 different countries and she partners with clients across the world.

Karen’s first book is coming in November 2023 and her Podcast will follow.


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Joining industry leaders in Forbes to inspire business leaders to turn failure into fuel for success.

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Talking about the importance of personality tests as a business asset with Forbes.

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Sitting down with the coaching academy to talk about life as a mentor.

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Sharing the bigger mission with a feature in coach magazine.

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Being recognised by acquisition international

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Since working with you Karen my business is booming.

You make all my ideas even better and help me to scale, quickly.

Your superpower is proving actionable, clear steps forward in complicated moments. I don't remember the last time I had a £5k or £10k month because I got to consistent £18-25k months so quickly with you at my side.

You have been instrumental to my fast growth and epic achievements. I could not have asked for a better coach, mentor or cheerleader. You are incredible at what you do and limitless in your generosity and support.

With so much gratitude from a very happy client
Let's say; it's been life-changing working with you over the past year and a half Karen.

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Specialist subjects and topics

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  • How To Scale Your Business Simply.
  • Growing And Scaling Your Coaching Or Service-Based Business.
  • How To Implement The Right Business Model For Success.
  • Understanding The Tools You Need To Systemise And Automate Your Business.
  • How To Leverage Your Business To Make More Money And Enjoy More Freedom.
  • How To Breakthrough In Business To Be Time Rich And Money Rich.
  • How To Build A Sustainable Business Model That Stands The Test Of Time.
  • Developing A Bulletproof Mindset For Success.



For podcast bookings please email: [email protected]

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Q&A Inspiration…

Karen is an open book, but if you’re planning a Q&A, here’s some inspiration for the questions you and your team could put to her:

  • How can you scale simply as a coach?
  • How do you build powerful libraries of assets that you can monetise?
  • Why is creating frameworks the fastest way to build credibility and authority?
  • How do you leverage your business and find the little hinge that swings the big door?
  • How do you find the right business model to deliver high revenue months?
  • What does it take to build a business model that brings you enquiries daily and clients weekly?
  • How do you master client retention?
  • How can you adopt a ‘less is more’ approach to business success and still achieve fast growth?
  • Why are funnels so important for coaches?



For appearances or speaking engagements please get in touch with Karen’s team via email: [email protected]