What defines success?

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Do you ever wonder what makes some people so successful in business, while others don’t get the results they want?

Perhaps for you it’s personal – when you look around your own industry and see people who seem to be doing the same things you’re doing…but getting better results?

Are they just lucky?

Or is there a secret formula that makes some women wildly successful…and if so, how do you get it?

I’m willing to bet you spend a lot of time thinking about your business success. I know this because, as a business owner myself, I do too. And I know that we choose to become business owners because we want the life of our dreams.

And I want to tell you three crucial things…

No, successful people aren’t just ‘lucky’.

No, there isn’t a ‘secret formula that’s available only to a chosen few.

Yes, you can be as wildly successful as you wish – provided you’re willing to do the work.

There are so many amazing tools and resources right there at your fingertips, but to keep this short, here are just three things that set the truly successful women apart from those who simply watch them and dream.

The first is honesty. And I’m talking about being honest with yourself about what you are willing to do. Honesty about what’s really holding you back, and how brave you’re willing to be to address those things. Honesty about how much you really want (or don’t really want) to leave your comfort zone. You need to be honest with yourself about whether you will grow yourself and your business… or whether you will find reasons to stay where you are.

The second thing that underpins real success is humility. If you can accept that there are things you don’t yet know, if you can identify where you need help, or recognise where you need to learn and develop – you’re really getting on the right track for success.

And the third thing is courage. When you have courage, you can face your fears rather than hide from them. You can take a leap into the unknown (or just a baby step to start, if you prefer!). With courage you stop procrastinating, you put one foot in front of the other, and you take steps towards what you want.

And by the way, the best thing about courage? It sort of multiplies itself. The more you take those steps, the more your confidence grows, and the more your confidence grows, the more you take those steps. It’s a neat and virtuous circle, but you have to get its momentum going.

So, that’s honesty about what you’re really willing to do, humility to know what you need to work on, and courage to take the next steps.

But the crucial thing about these three elements of success is that they add up and lead you to take massive action. And massive action is absolutely the key.

When I say massive action, I don’t mean trying to do all the things, or wrecking your work/life balance, or pushing yourself to extremes.

Massive action is about doing the right things and doing them well.

And the smart people are the ones taking massive action and creating amazing success for themselves.

Massive action is the single biggest thing that sits between the dreamers and the doers, the consumers and the creators, the hopers and the achievers, the followers and the leaders.

Which are you? And is that who you want to be?

Being blunt for a moment, I have to tell you I only work with people who I know have what it takes. They might not have all the answers, but they have a burning desire to take that massive action. I am this discerning because, let’s face it, my reputation is at stake. I want to work with women who have what it takes to invest in themselves and turn that investment into fantastic results!

So if you want to make sure you are one of those smart ones who create the business and life of your dreams….and if you’d like to know more about how great coaching and mentoring can help you do that… Send me a DM and let’s connect.

If you’re standing on the sidelines looking in and you’re not sure whether I’m the person to help you, a great place to start is here. I’ve created a series of free downloads that will help you get moving and will give you an introduction into me and my work.

When you’re ready to take the next step, I’ll be right here…

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